How Radio Advertising Works:
"It's like television...except you don't have to look at it!" Charles Osgood said it best. "If television had been invented first and then radio had come along, people would think, 'What a wonderful thing this radio is! It's like television except you don't have to look at it!"' Radio is the ultimate personal medium, a communication between a radio station and a single listener. Radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to individuals, one on one, in the comfort of their homes, their cars, their workplaces....into their lives. You're not buying a commercial; you're buying intimate access to the listener.

How to Buy Radio:
The great Prussian war philosopher Karl von Klausewitz wrote in 1832 to keep the forces concentrated in an overpowering mass. This principle of concentration is a good guide to buying radio effectively. Repetition establishes retention in the mind of the listener. In Greater Lafayette, buy one or two primary stations, and as many others as you can afford, without spreading your "forces" too thin. If you can afford to buy 60 commercials to promote a sales event, concentrate 30 commercials on two stations...over three days and be an important, dominant presence in the marketplace. You can also build frequency with consistency over a period of time, by buying sponsorships for 13, 26, or 52 weeks.

How to Create a Radio Message:
First and foremost, you can be as involved in the process as you desire. Your first decision must be whether your ad will promote image or ask for a specific response. As the message is being written, it must stay focused and in tune with your marketing strategy. The creative team at 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM will develop a message based on your response to this simple question: "Why should people do business with you?" Once a script is approved, the 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM RADIO production staff will create the final product (at no additional cost) for introduction to our listeners. You may wish to add your own voice to the commercial as a personal signature to the message.

Why Ads Fail:
A fairly high percentage of all advertising everywhere produce less than satisfying results. If your view of advertising in general is somewhat suspect, you are not alone. An effective advertising campaign must be clearly thought out, masterfully created and fully implemented! There are 12 very common mistakes that are made by advertisers that lead to advertising failure, but can be avoided. At 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM we help you avoid the mistakes that others have made!!!

Why Advertisers Invest in Radio:
If you were to set out to create the world's most powerful advertising medium, there are a few components you would want to include....

    Universal Acceptance - everybody would have at least one.
    Portability - people could take it with them wherever they go.
    High Usage - people would spend more time with it than other media.
    Intrusive - the ability to deliver an advertising message even when the user isn't holding it or looking at it.
    Targetability - an advertiser could easily reach specific market segments and eliminate waste.
    Efficiency - inexpensive both to produce a message and deliver it over and over for maximum effectiveness.

Radio has all these components and more!

How to Begin the Process:
Call 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM and schedule an appointment with a member of our sales staff. Share with us why people should do business with you, and we will share with you our strategy for developing a custom-designed marketing campaign to make that goal a reality. 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM has a team of radio professionals who will work hard for you!!!

Call 765-288-4403 and ask for General Sales Manager Sue Tschuor.

104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM Marketing Consultants analyze your business and its needs to help determine the best possible marketing solution to help boost your sales and grow your bottom line.

We hold no secrets from you in sharing what works and what doesn't work in radio advertising.

You will enjoy the no hassle, customized marketing plan 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM will build for you. The flexibility of 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM allows for successful and result-generating marketing and advertising for just about any business, ESPECIALLY YOURS!

When you advertise on 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM radio, that is the BEGINNING of the process, not the end. We'll continue to help you as your business grows and expands to new heights.
WHY East Central Indiana’s #1 Hit Music & Sports Stations, 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM?
Because WLBC is East Central Indiana’s Number One Hit Music Station, year after year. With nothing but Hit Music, 104.1 WLBC & Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ON WLBC, kick off your morning with the wildly popular and interactive Wake Up Crew featuring Steve Lindell. Kim Morris is the Hottest Mid-Day diva with her entertainment news, then join Brian Casey between 3 and 7 for the ride home.

Examples of our advertising plans:
• Specialized Programming Sponsorship
• Morning Magazine with News, Sports & Weather packaged into one program
• Annual Advertising Plans
• Seasonal Advertising Plans
• Weekly Advertising Plans
• Advertise on

104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM has experienced, dedicated marketing staff to help create the clearest, most effective advertising messages while striving to achieve the best schedule for your marketing dollar.

104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM Marketing Consultants work with your business to help integrate the power of the number one radio station in East Central Indiana into your marketing plan, improving the value of your advertising dollars.

Contact 104.1 WLBC/Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM via telephone at (765) 288-4403.

The average American listens to Radio 3 hours and 45 minutes every weekday - and 5 hours and 51 minutes every weekend.

U.S. adults spend more time with Radio between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., the prime shopping hours, than with any other major medium.

No other major medium reaches consumers closest to the point of purchase than Radio. Radio allows you to influence your best customers and prospects all day long where other media can't: At work. Radio's varied formats appeal to people of all professional backgrounds, and half of all U.S. workers have a radio at work.

Radio reaches your customers no matter where they are; at work, out shopping, or simply relaxing at home. Radio's in-car reach is outstanding, reaching 87% of commuters each week. Because the mind works by manipulating sounds rather than images, it's easy to understand why the mind works by the Ear... Not by the eye!

East Central Indiana’s #1 Hit Music Station is WLBC. We feature all of the hottest hit music including Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Train, Katy Perry and so many more. Plus we dive into the biggest hits of years past with selections from up to 7 years ago!

Our 50,000 watt signal reaches over 500,000 people in 9 east central Indiana counties. The majority of active wage earning adults with tremendous purchasing power! Count on WLBC to create a great environment for advertising to thousands of people in East Central, Indiana. Our listeners range in age, but the music and sound of the station is developed for the 18-49 female listener.

East Central Indiana’s #1 Station, WLBC targets adult listeners adults in the "acquisition age" 18-49 demographic, those with the highest purchasing rate in America today. WLBC is an interactive radio station with heavy listener interaction. We know that our listeners make WLBC an important part of their daily lives. Better yet, they respond to the station and its advertisers.

East Central’s #1 Station, WLBC is programmed by Steve Lindell. Daily programming is supplemented with features and weekend specials, including AT 40 hosted by American Idol Superstar Ryan Seacrest.

East Central’s #1 Station, WLBC broadcasts at 104.1 FM with a 50,000 watt signal. WLBC and Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM is owned by Woof Boom Radio and has an experienced, dedicated programming and marketing staff to help create the clearest, most effective advertising messages while striving to achieve the best schedule for your marketing dollar.

Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM
Sports Marketing in America has always been a top priority “buy” for America’s most popular advertisers. From Budweiser and McDonalds to IBM and Sony, there is a special relationship between team sports and fans not commonly found with other forms of marketing. Experienced advertisers understand the association between sport and fan, and the competitive power it offers to sport sponsors. Fox Sports Radio 102.9FM & 1340AM offers Sports Talk 24/7 and is the home of the Colts, Pacers and covers the area’s top high school teams. If you want men, we got ‘em in East Central Indiana.