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  • Apple fires back at Spotify over music streaming claims

    The Apple Inc. logo is shown outside the company's 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference in San FranciscoSAN FRANCISCO/STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Apple Inc fought back on Friday against Spotify's claims that the U.S. tech giant had hampered competition in music streaming by rejecting an update to the Swedish service's iPhone app. The two companies have gone head to head in the battle for music streaming customers since Apple Music was launched in more than 100 countries last year. Apple's entry into the field sparked concerns from music streaming companies such as Spotify, which have argued that the 30 percent cut Apple takes of subscriptions in its App Store give its own service an unfair advantage.

  • The top 10 songs and albums on the iTunes Store

    iTunes' Official Music Charts for the week ending June 30, 2016:

  • Enjoy This Bit Of '80s Nostalgia With The Absurd Music Video Carl Lewis Once Made

    Enjoy This Bit Of '80s Nostalgia With The Absurd Music Video Carl Lewis Once MadeOlympic Legend Carl Lewis is never going to live down this music video. We still don’t fully understand the rationale behind Lewis making this, but I suppose once you become famous for one thing, it becomes time to capitalize on that fame and turn it into more. “I’m an Olympic gold medalist, next stop Hollywood!,” is likely what a young Carl Lewis thought immediately before making the The Room-level masterpiece that is “Break It Up.”

  • The Office's David Brent Returns in a New Music Video

    The Office's David Brent Returns in a New Music VideoIn the years since the original, British version of The Office finished airing, former office manager David Brent (Ricky Gervais) has devoted his life to pursuing his dream of becoming a rock star. His efforts are chronicled in the upcoming mockumentary David Brent: Life On the Road , which follows ... Read More > Other Links From Ricky Gervais This article, The Office 's David Brent Returns in a New Music Video, originally appeared on